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BlogBot is a tool application that lets you download and backup all images from your Tumblr and Instagram blogs with just a few clicks.

Here are some of the program features:
  • Download all photos from specific Tumblr and Instagram blogs
  • Tumblr photosets are supported with no extra settings
  • Automatically filter out Tumblr's placeholder images for removed blog images
  • If there are more than one image resolution available, BlogBot will always download the highest quality
  • BlogBot will find and download ALL images - not just some of them like some of the other popular backup programs do...
  • Only new photos will be detected and downloaded
  • When you add a blog, you can choose if you want to download all the previous images or only new ones
  • Once an image is downloaded, you can safely move it, rename it or delete it, and it will have NO affect on program functionality
  • ... and more ...
Program requirements:
  • Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or newer Windows version
  • SQL Server Compact Edition 4.0 (Will be installed if missing)
  • .NET Framework 4.0 (Will be installed if missing)
BlogBot is licensed as Shareware. The Standard version is FREE and fully functional with only a few limitations. If you purchase a license, you will get a license key that removes the shareware limitations:
  • No nag screen
  • Faster blog scanning and image download
  • The unlicensed version will download all images eventually, but only 5 000 per scan/update. The licensed version will download all images in one go.
Did we mention that IT'S CHEAP??? We only charge $19 for the fully licensed product, so hurry on up and license your BlogBot!
Change Log:
Version 1.7: NEW: Swedish translation
BUG: Sometimes valid Instagram blogs were detected as invalid
Minor fixes & improvements
Version 1.6: Minor fixes & improvements
Version 1.5: Check for available updates
Minor fixes & improvements
Version 1.4: "Smart-Enabling" functionality
Automatic Timeout handling logic
File Type Filter funtion
Blank & Empty Files Filter function
Improved Tumblr filter function
Minor fixes & improvements
Version 1.3: Improved Tumblr filter function
Retry dead links functionality
Warning for FAT32 drives
Minor fixes & improvements
Version 1.2: Filter function to remove Tumblr image placeholders
Minor fixes & improvements
Version 1.1: Better handling of timeouts
Minor fixes & improvements
Version 1.0: Initial release
  Current version: 1.7.5675.13805
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