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Submit Bug Report

If you have noticed a bug in our software, we would really appreciate it if you take the time to inform us of it. We would appreciate it if you can give us as much detailed information about the bug as possible - that makes it easier (or possible at all) to find and fix the problem.

You can use out online form below to submit your bug report to us and get fast, personalized feedback directly to your account.

Please notice: This form is for bug reports only. That means...
  • Features or functions that do not work at all
  • Features or functions that produce the wrong result
  • Features or functions that make the program crash completely
Our support staff is ready to help you
The following are NOT bugs and should not be reported on this form:
  • Features or functions that do not exist but which you would like to have
  • "The page ought to be yellow instead of green..."
  • "When I click this button I would like something else to happen than what happens now..."
These are all examples of feature requests and they can be submitted using this form instead

Bug Description  

Please enter as detailed a description as possible of what you did and how you did it when the bug occurred. The best is if you can provide specific steps that reproduces the problem.
File Attachment

If you have a file (e.g. a screen dump) that can help us reproduce the problem, please select it here. Multiple files can be zipped and submitted as an archive.
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