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Okay, so you have downloaded a whole lot of images with BlogBot, and now you want to sort the images into different folders, of course. But opening a download folder in Windows Explorer and manually dragging and dropping files to different folders is a tedious task, and there is a good possibility that you drop them on the wrong folder. ImageSort is a tool application that lets you select a given folder and define buttons that will send images to folders of you choice with only one click of a button.

Here are some of the program features:
  • You can define as many download folders as you like and easily switch between them
  • For each download folder, you can define a number of buttons that will send the images to a given folder
  • All you need to do then is selected the download folder of your choice. The first image will be shown. Simply click the destination button, and the image will be moved to that folder. Continue with the next image... etc...
Program requirements:
  • Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or newer Windows version
  • .NET Framework 4.0 (Will be installed if missing)
ImageSort is licensed as Shareware. The Standard version is FREE and fully functional with only a few limitations. If you purchase a license, you will get a license key that removes the shareware limitations:
  • No nag screen
  • With the unlicensed version, you can only sort images to five different target folders.
  • The unlicensed version can only sort up to 50 images every time you start up the application. The licensed version can sort an unlimited amount of images.
Did we mention that IT'S CHEAP??? We only charge $19 for the fully licensed product, so hurry on up and license your ImageSort!
Change Log:
Version 1.3: Limited number of images loaded at a time to keep acceptable program performance
Added toolbars for more intuitive program use
Optional preview of Animated Gifs
Minor fixes & improvements
Version 1.2: Better configuration tips for first-timers
Better and faster rendering of images and thumbnails
Asynchronous reading of file list from sort directory
Different views and selection types to facilitate sorting of more than one image at a time
Customizable hotkey assignments for sort buttons
Caching of deleted files to get faster undo and even possibility to undo delete
Simple handling of possible duplicates (to be further enhanced in a later version)
Check for available updates
Minor fixes & improvements
Version 1.1: New Setting: Show thumbnail image of the next and previous image
Minor fixes & improvements
Version 1.0: Initial release
  Current version: 1.3.5422.18347
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